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The internet has changed the way we view information, the way we seek knowledge, the way we find people who think like us. If we don’t know about a person, place, or thing, what do many of us say? “Lemme Google it.” We truly are becoming a Flat World.

I don’t have any idea what happened first for me –

a desire to understand what it means to MAKE A DIFFERENCE


finding those who were MAKING A DIFFERENCE

and wanting to know more about them

I usually found out about these ideas or these people while reading my email, or a e-newsletter, or being on Twitter or Facebook, or just reading news on the web. The desire to understand Christ-like living and finding those amazing people who were walking the walk AND talking the talk I think happened simultaneously – a synergy of sorts.

I’ve come to appreciate these bloggers who are helping me define what it means to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Bouncing Back ~ Relentess Grace– Rich Dixon

Crazy Love ~ Francis Chan

The Journey – Katie Davis

A Mom on a Mission – Beth Malarkey

300 Words a Day: Following Jesus – Jon Swanson

The Compassion Blog: Blog on Child Poverty

Choose Joy ~ Gitzen Girl – Sara Frankl

Grit and Glory – Alece

Refine Us – Justin and Trisha Davis

JoyCorps ~ Mel Murray (founder of JOYN)




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