Blog Series: Counterfeit

  • selfthrone

    Who Sits on Your Throne?

    In our culture today, thrones are a bit out-dated. I’ve never seen a real throne and the only ones I have seen are in fantasy movies, Disney animations, or the ones Santa sits on at Christmastime. They looked pretty grand! And the ones sitting on those thrones were meant to be worthy of grandeur and […] Read more…

  • counterfeitdollar


    A fraudulent imitation of what is real. When we hear about fake imitations about the money in our wallet, or priceless pieces of art, or valuable original documents, or even famous people—we become indignant and view anything that is counterfeit as unethical, immoral, illegal. When we have been given a hundred dollar bill and we […] Read more…

Blog Series: Busy-ness

  • bestill

    Be Still

    When my oldest daughter was a little one I would FREQUENTLY say, “Be still.” She was (and still is) a lively, full of energy type. And often as a toddler she was too busy to take the time to hear, or to watch what was going on around her. She was so involved getting to […] Read more…

  • GodsGift

    We Can’t Get It Back

    Time. It’s all about your perspective.  If I have the belief that the time I have is all mine and I can do exactly what I want with my time, then misusing it only affects me, right? Read more…

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